Terms and conditions

This is not a real bank. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the Bitcoin Cheque payment solution, which intends to overcome some of the limitation of Bitcoin. The ideas and the project are described here: www.bitcoincheque.org

Please feel free to sign up as a bank client and play around with the cheques. During the sign up you will be granted a credit of 0.0025 bitcoins, which can be used to create cheques. The cheques can be sent to yourself or your friends by e-mail.

However, there are no real coins in this bank, so you can not withdraw these coins or use if for real payments. Neither can you deposit real coins into the bank. Maybe in the future this will be enabled.

The bank and the payment system is continuously being worked on. Periodically the site goes down for upgrading and all users and data may be deleted. So keep in mind if your user disappear, you will need to re-register again.