This is an experimental bank which purpose is to demonstrate the usage of Bitcoin Cheque.

Basically a Bitcoin Cheque is a promise that a bank will pay a certain amount to its bearer or intended receiver.

The Bitcoin Cheque will solve most of the weaknesses Bitcoins has, in respect to the user experience:

  • The Bitcoin Cheque and its protocols will make it fare more easier for non-technical people to use Bitcoins
  • It will offer one-click payments
  • It will offer instantaneously payments
  • It will offer a money-back guarantee
  • It will offer increased anonymity and privacy
  • It will offer increase security against hacking and steeling of Bitcoins

You can read more about the Bitcoin Cheque here at bwww.bitcoincheque.org.


This bank is under development. It has not yet implemented functionality to create actual Bitcoin transaction. To demonstrate payments, it is using a kind of fake currency named TestBTC.

Help wanted

To complete the bank help in coding is highly appreciated. The project is organized as a open source project. Particular implementing functionality to create Bitcoin transaction is needed. See project page for details.